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Change Management & Turnaround


In today's dynamic and evolving business environment change has become a daily reality. Companies that embrace this dynamic and devise ways to work with it come out stronger. Change Management is not a requirement just for troubled companies, successful companies are also constantly changing and evolving to create and maintain their competitive advantages.

CEOs and Leaders at the top of the organization are the key ingredient in effective change management along with some key factors:

  • Buy-in of change initiatives by top management and employees of a company
  • Identifying and executing the critical success factors within the strategy
  • Alignment of People, Processes & Organizational Culture


Turnaround is a corporate strategy designed to save and salvage a loss-making company and transform it into a profit-making one. Turnaround is a more intense re-strategizing process to protect the company from bankruptcy. In extreme cases the only possible solution would be to close the company to protect further dilution of shareholder worth.

Turnaround strategies may or may not entail change of leadership and senior management, but almost always have these distinct requirements:

  • Identifying and Acknowledging problems within the company
  • Develop, gain shareholder approval and swift implementation of remedial plans
  • Stop short-term bleeding and protect / generate cash flows for long-term sustainability
  • Coordinate a 3-pronged revival with Strategic, Financial and Operational resurrection

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

Robust Leadership is at the heart of any change or turnaround initiatives. We have proven expertise to develop and implement strategic roadmaps for your company's successful transition.

Our service framework broadly includes:

  • Pre-Turnaround and Diagnostic process
  • Crisis stabilization and Emergency process
  • Directing the Turnaround process – Strategic, Financial & Operational Restructuring
  • Post-Turnaround Diagnostic and health-checks review

Most turnarounds are initiated poorly or when it is too late, either way they are not successful. More that 80% of those that manage to turnaround are in similar problems within 5 years. CONTACT US to find out how we can partner with you in your change management or turnaround endeavors successfully.

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