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Interim C-Suite Management

Interim C-Suite Management offers your company a flexible resourcing solution to engage the services of a senior executive for a fixed temporary term. Interim Executives are professional problem solvers, who come in to your company, resolve a crisis or need, transition the knowledge and then leave for your company with robust processes for future growth.

The focus is to fill an immediate gap to address a short-term resource gap to ensure long-term value recurrence to your company.

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

Normally senior placements takes months of planning, sourcing and recruitment, not counting the additional 90 days that it takes to ramp up before the executive starts producing results. Our Interim C-Suite Services accelerates this process and gives your company an executive that gets 90% effective in the first few days itself, a huge savings for your company in terms of time and cost. Other advantages include:

  • Technically competent as well as being emotive and having key soft skills
  • Senior executives with relevant experiences and no learning curve requirements
  • Available for flexible temporary engagements as per your business requirements
  • No hiring fees, benefit allowances or severance packages
  • Gives your company valuable time to finalize a permanent replacement
  • Execution specialists, implementers and crisis resolvers
  • Independent and objective perspectives free from corporate politicking
  • Executives that think strategically (corporate) and deliver tactically (operationally)
  • Responsible for Accountability, Effectiveness, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Lay the groundwork for future successors and process execution

When Does Your Company Need Interim
C-Suite Management

Interim C-Suite Management services are especially effective when your company needs expert guidance in one or more areas of:

  • 1
    Strategic Transitioning and filling Executive changeover Gaps
  • 2
    Restructuring and Change Management
  • 3
    Strategic Alliance, JV and M&A Integration
  • 4
    Turnkey Project Delivery and Management
  • 5
    System implementation and Process improvement
  • 6
    Integrating new product lines or penetrating new markets

Smart businesses are leveraging Interim C-Suite Management Services to increase value without increasing headcount. CONTACT US to transition your company strategically and lay a solid groundwork for its future successes.

Titan Trusted AdvisorSM

The TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM is our flagship premier Advisory suite of services exclusively for Business Owners, Chairmen, Board Directors,
CEOs and other C-level as well as Senior Executives.

5 Key Benefits:

TRUST - Developing Professional as well as Personal Trust with our Clients
CONFIDENTIALITY - Maintaining strict Client and Task Confidentiality
ETHICAL CONDUCT - Enforcing Ethical Conduct in all our dealings with Clients
VALUE BASED - The relationship is based on value-based successes rather than task-based fees
EXPERTISE - Your TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM has broad Academic, Business and Consulting experiences across industries

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