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Non-Executive Director (NED)

A Non-Executive Director also known as an Outside or External Director is a member of the Board of Directors of your company who is not part of your Executive Management team. They are neither employees of your company nor are they affiliated to your company in any way and thus are different from Internal Executive Directors on the board who serve the company in one or more ways.

However the Non-Executive Director jointly shares the same Legal and Fiduciary responsibilities as any other Board of Director. Non-Executive Directors bring with them an independent judgment on critical issues like Corporate Governance, Strategy, Performance, Risk and Executive Performance metrics. An Independent Director is a more constrained form of a Non-Executive Director in which the former is not allowed to hold any ownership or conflicting commercial interests in the company.

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

  • Your Board will gain Objectivity with the Independence of a Non-Executive Director
  • You will benefit from the wide experience and valuable insights of a seasoned executive
  • Returns on Investment from Non-Executive Directors far exceed traditional directors on your Board, since you do not have a fixed financial outlay in terms of director remunerations
  • Gives your Board the flexibility and agility to chose from and start / stop services of a Non-Executive Director based on your business requirements
  • A Non-Executive Director can round-off and complete your Board of Directors with the skills that are missing

How will It Work for You

Engaging the services of a Non-Executive Director can be very rewarding for your company if done correctly. We have developed a system by which we can measure, assess and fulfill your requirements. A brief outline of our services includes:

  • 1
    Understanding your Business, Strategies, Markets and the overall constitution of your Board
  • 2
    Develop requirements and suggest skill replacements at the Board level
  • 3
    Introduce Non-Executive Directors with essential expertise in:
    • Corporate Governance
    • Strategies
    • Executive & Corporate Performance
    • Risks
  • 4
    Bring Independence, Impartiality, diverse experience & special knowledge to your Board

Non-Executive Directors are one of the best kept secrets of robust and successful Businesses. CONTACT US to learn how to leverage the highest returns on investment and gain the best-fit when getting a Non-Executive Director on board.

Titan Trusted AdvisorSM

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ETHICAL CONDUCT - Enforcing Ethical Conduct in all our dealings with Clients
VALUE BASED - The relationship is based on value-based successes rather than task-based fees
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