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Family Business

A Family Business is a commercial enterprise in which Ownership and Management interests are vested in more than one individual. These individuals may span over one or more generations from the same family. A Family Office is generally the structure used for managing family businesses.

Running your business successfully is challenging as well as rewarding. A Family Business however has an added dimension of complexity whereby members of the family are also Shareholders / Owners, Board Members, Management and Employees all with varying degrees of skills and interests.

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

  • Your Family Business will build a unique culture that is cohesive, based on trust and family values all of which will come to define your business
  • You will gain a clear understanding between business requirements and family dynamics, and learn to leverage the two for your business growth
  • You Family Office will profit from best-practices in growing, protecting & managing family wealth across generations
  • Gain insights into effective generational transitions by identifying & planning for succession requirements in advance

How will It Work for You

We will work with your Family Business to plan and implement long-term solutions for business prosperity and family happiness. Some of the tools within our framework are:

  • 1
    Family Business Governance
    • Board Structures
    • Family Constitutions
    • Best practices for Family Business Strategies
  • 2
    Family Wealth Protection & Retention planning
  • 3
    Balancing Family Structures (Competencies) vs. Business Systems (Requirements)
  • 4
    Generational Transitioning & Succession Planning
  • 5
    Aligning Interests and Avoiding Conflicts

Less than 10% of Family Businesses worldwide survive until the 3rd generation (HBR-Jan/Feb 2012). Do not let your hard work turn into a statistic. CONTACT US to learn how your Family Business can ensure growth and continuity, yet maintain that uniqueness that defines it.

Titan Trusted AdvisorSM

The TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM is our flagship premier Advisory suite of services exclusively for Business Owners, Chairmen, Board Directors,
CEOs and other C-level as well as Senior Executives.

5 Key Benefits:

TRUST - Developing Professional as well as Personal Trust with our Clients
CONFIDENTIALITY - Maintaining strict Client and Task Confidentiality
ETHICAL CONDUCT - Enforcing Ethical Conduct in all our dealings with Clients
VALUE BASED - The relationship is based on value-based successes rather than task-based fees
EXPERTISE - Your TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM has broad Academic, Business and Consulting experiences across industries

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