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Corporate Governance

A company's Corporate Governance structure is critical for its successes. Think of Corporate Governance as a system of rules, principles and processes by which your company is directed and controlled. They are guidelines as to how your company can fulfill its goals to enhance value.

Corporate Governance also provides a framework for balancing the expectations and interests of the many stakeholders in your company – which include your Shareholders, Board of Directors, Management, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Government and the Community.

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

  • You will build a reputation in the market place for your company similar to those that are known to have good Corporate Governance.
  • Your company will be valued favorably by institutional investors and business partners
  • Your company will enjoy favorable borrowing costs compared to your peers due to reduced perception of risks
  • It will have a positive influence on the share price and valuation of your company
  • It will be a catalyst in increasing your company's Operational performance and effectiveness
  • You will decrease Conflicts and Fraud within your company

How Will It Work For You

We will equip your company with tools to Form, Review & Audit a robust framework for Good Corporate Governance. You will have gained a system of "world-best" practices in Corporate Governance which will broadly include the below charters:

  • 1
    Corporate Governance Charter
  • 2
    Organizational By-Laws
  • 3
    Code of Ethics
  • 4
    Record Retention
  • 5
    Whistleblower protection
  • 6
    Board Committees and Charters

Do not wait for a lapse in your Corporate Governance, however big or small. CONTACT US to learn how your company can leverage Good Corporate Governance practices to prepare itself for future growth opportunities.

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