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Board Services

The Boards of Directors are a group of individuals within your company, elected or appointed as representatives of Stockholders / Owners to establish Corporate Governance and oversee Organizational Strategies, Capital Investments, Dividend / Profit share policies and financial accuracy, to name a few.

High-performance Boards have members, who are engaged, have deep industry knowledge, are strategically aligned, well networked and accountable to the high performance expected of them.

Why Partner With BoardTitans?

  • You will build a high-performance Board with clearly defined roles and laser-sharp focus
  • You will have a Board that is Independent, Accountable and exhibits Integrity
  • Your Board will not just direct the Management, but will also engage with Shareholders / Owners
  • You will have a cohesive Board that works collectively & effectively to continuously add value and grow your business

How will It Work for You

Our passion for Boards is complimented by our areas of expertise in Boardroom Advisory, which include:

  • 1
    Board focus, role definition, duties & responsibilities
  • 2
    Board Membership & Composition
    • Director Independence
    • Board Diversity
    • Women on Boards
    • Board Size
    • Term Limits
  • 3
    Directing Board Meetings and Executive Sessions
    • Board Observer / Facilitator & Board Pack Services
    • Board Orientation & Training
  • 4
    Board Assessment & Director Evaluation
    • Effectiveness, Engagement & Governance Reviews
  • 5
    Board Retreats and Strategy Off-sites
    • Strategy Reviews with Chairman & CEO
  • 6
    Shareholder & Stakeholder Relations
  • 7
    Succession Planning and Transition Management

Do not settle for anything less than having high-performance Board Titans guiding your organization and setting the rhythm from the top. CONTACT US to learn how your company can leverage our services to have your own Board Titans.

Titan Trusted AdvisorSM

The TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM is our flagship premier Advisory suite of services exclusively for Business Owners, Chairmen, Board Directors,
CEOs and other C-level as well as Senior Executives.

5 Key Benefits:

TRUST - Developing Professional as well as Personal Trust with our Clients
CONFIDENTIALITY - Maintaining strict Client and Task Confidentiality
ETHICAL CONDUCT - Enforcing Ethical Conduct in all our dealings with Clients
VALUE BASED - The relationship is based on value-based successes rather than task-based fees
EXPERTISE - Your TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM has broad Academic, Business and Consulting experiences across industries

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