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Pro Bono & Social Responsibility

Pro Bono

BoardTitans considers pro bono work to be an integral part of its business model and a reflection of our organization's culture. We invest our resources in strategic pro bono initiatives that are targeted towards educational endeavors, not-for-profits, budding entrepreneurs and promising startups.

Our pro bono initiatives are resource intensive, represent a significant investment and are limited to the resources at our disposal. We are thus open to partnering with like-minded partners who can amplify and contribute towards these efforts.

We rely on an independent, impartial and standardized review process to appraise pro bono projects and initiatives. Preference is given to organizations and projects that demonstrate the greatest potential to positively impact its business environment and the society at large.

Social Responsibility

The BoardTitans guiding philosophy for true social responsibility is not just measured in green initiatives and charitable donations; rather we work in small increments with manageable initiatives.

Our interactions with business owners, Board members and C-Suite executives place us in a unique position to influence upon the benefits of social responsibility programs for all businesses irrespective of their size or geographies.