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Company Overview

BoardTitans is a Strategy and Corporate Governance advisory firm facilitating the creation of strong and effective Boards and C-Suites to ensure continuous growth and value creation for your company's business interests.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Strategy Advisory
  • Corporate Governance
  • Board Services
  • Family Business Consulting
  • Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Skills Enhancements

How Do We Deliver Value?

  • TITAN Trusted AdvisorSM
  • Non-Executive Director (NED)
  • Interim C-Suite Management

How Do Our Clients Benefit?

  • Strategies Designed for Execution
  • System of "world-best" practices in Corporate Governance
  • Tools for Robust and Effective Boards and C-Suite Leadership
  • Expertise to deliver Strategic initiatives in Innovation, Growth and Value Creation

Who Are BoardTitans?

  • We are Experienced & Academically Qualified professionals, grounded in Corporate, Industry and Advisory
  • Our credibility is measured from what we have accomplished for our clients rather than what we say we can do
  • We come from Senior Management and Executive Leadership backgrounds, have ourselves held C-level and Board positions and thus perfectly understand the dynamics of both

Our Methodology

We are passionate about partnering with your company's top leadership & Titans to devise executable plans, develop robust frameworks and as a result be an integral part of your company's successes.

There are four facets to our partnering commitments with you:

Your Board & C-Suite – (The Titans)

The traditional model of the Board which represents ownership and being in charge of overseeing the C-Suite – which represents the top management of your company, has evolved and is continuing to change. Shareholders and owners are constantly holding the Board accountable for various Strategic and Management issues and on the other hand the C-Suite is pushed to step-up and to take on greater responsibilities onto themselves.
Our expertise lies in advising your organization onto having an independent, engaged and effective Board with high-performance and balanced resources at the C-Suite to ensure strategic execution and profitability.

Strategy – (The Plan)

Your company Strategy is no longer the exclusive responsibility of your C-Suite. More and more Boards are held accountable for a company's strategy or a lack thereof.
We will partner with your company to ensure that Strategic initiatives are executed by leveraging your Board's expertise and experience.

Corporate Governance – (The Framework)

Since your company's Corporate Governance structure affects many stakeholders across your organization, they are no longer formed in isolation or solely by your Board.
Our advisors can guide your company in building robust yet effective Corporate Governance systems from the bottom-up. This ensures protecting the expectations and interests of the many stakeholders in your company – which include your Shareholders, Board of Directors, Management, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Government and the Community.

Growth & Value Creation – (The Success)

The ultimate goal of corporate companies is to grow their businesses, create value and financial profits for all its stakeholders and be socially responsible within its communities as well as the wider regions that they operate in.
We share the same passion and it is our ultimate goal to ensure that any and all interactions with you (our clients) end up in creating value for you and your company.

Please read on to our VISION, MISSION & CHARTER OF ADVISORY CONDUCT section for a much detailed understanding of our ethos, culture and conduct.